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The first time Tara fell in love was when she was getting ready for a blind date one evening. She heard a knock at her front door, and when she opened it, she was staring at the beautiful man who would one day become her husband.

This time, behind the door, she found a beautiful country rich with culture, food, art, history, and most importantly people with hearts filled with kindness, passion and a love for life. People who 10 years later she is proud to call “la mia famiglia”.

Tara knew this magical land could serve as the ultimate canvas for creating a masterpiece symbolizing the art of love. A piece of history in the making… an Italian wedding so beautiful and romantic that on her 20th anniversary, they renewed their vows in the hills of Chianti, as seen on Grace Ormonde. This was an event that she had sheer pleasure in planning, as she is, by passion, an Italian destination wedding planner.


Wedding Decoration

Stylish, Tailored – Custom Italian Weddings

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Tiffany & Franco

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Janessa & Stephen

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Christina & Chris


Tara Coppola Fontana brings authentic elegance to every aspect of a dream destination wedding. With her expert knowledge of breathtaking Tuscany and lasting relationships with the country’s most elite vendors, TCF plans, designs, and styles your most exquisite and sophisticated Italian wedding. Through eliminating the middle men many planners use, clients deal with Tara directly, who is there for you every step of the way – turning dreams into memorable realities.

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Handcrafted Italian Jewelry

When Tara Coppola Fontana began her wedding planning business in Italy, every time she would come home, there was always a “tale to tell”.

On one memorable trip, Tara would walk towards the city center from her residence daily. On the way, she would pass a charming jewelry store with beautiful hand-made charm bracelets displayed in the window. This trip was particularly challenging as she was planning two weddings that were celebrating one week apart. Though mesmerized by the quality and uniqueness of the handcrafted Italian jewelry in the window, with all of the running around she had to do, it seemed that she may never find the time to visit this intriguing shop.


Wedding Decoration

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As a destination wedding planner in the United States with vast knowledge of the Italian wedding industry, we eliminate the language barrier, time difference, and any middle men. TCF Italian Weddings only works with a handful of exclusive clients every year to plan majestic weddings in Italy. As a destination wedding planner, we believe in quality of events above quantity.

Our team wants to provide the best experience for you and your guests that Italy, the land of love, can possibly offer. It is all about the details, so feel free to reach out today and we’ll be happy to assist!

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