“Two Years. Two Stories. Two Families. Two Tails… the furry kind”

Italian Jewelry Handcrafted

Our Tale

When Tara Fontana began her wedding planning business in Italy, every time she would come home, there was always a “tale to tell”.

On one memorable trip, Tara discovered a charming jewelry store with beautiful handmade charm bracelets and magnificent jewelry displayed in the window. This trip was particularly challenging as she was planning two weddings one week apart. Though mesmerized by the quality and uniqueness of the handcrafted Italian jewelry in the window, it seemed that she may never find the time to visit this intriguing shop.

Finally, on the last day of her trip, she seized the opportunity to visit this intriguing shop. After meeting the Penko family and trying on several pieces, a tough decision was made; she purchased her first charm bracelet with a Fiorino coin.

As the years passed, Tara would always make time to visit the Penko Bottega Orafa to add charms and other beautiful pieces to her collection. One special day, when she went to visit the Penko family at their shop, they had a new member of the family: a dog. Not just any dog. The new Penko family dog was an identical poodle to Tara’s poodle Eloise. His name was Fiorino, just like the first bracelet that she had purchased a few years back.

It has always been Tara’s wish to introduce the United States to the Penko family charms and jewelry. After two years of working on this project, her wish finally came true. Two Tails Handcrafted Italian Jewelry was born.

Two Tails Handcrafted Italian Jewelry
Penko Family

About The Penko Family

Paolo Penko, his wife Beatrice, an expert in gemology, and their two sons Alessandro and Riccardo, retrace and reinterpret the works of ancient Florentine art in their Italian jewelry handcrafted in Florence.

Penko Family

They give life to “timeless jewelry” with classical taste while masterfully incorporating a modern touch reflective of today’s styles, fashion, and beauty.

Paolo Penko, maestro goldsmith, designer and sculptor, takes from his city, Florence, a deep fascination for Renaissance art. He puts his historical and technical know-how to the test together along with his creativity, to forge Italian jewelry handcrafted and reflective of this glorious and historic period of Italian art; masterpieces from such famous artists as Botticelli, Andrea della Robbia, Ghiberti, Pontormo, Donatello, and Ghirlandaio.

With a painstaking eye for intricate details, the artistry of Paolo Penko can be identified by the perfect balance and proportions in his custom Italian jewelry.

America and Japan are leading in the international expansion of the Florentine brand that is “Paolo Penko”. As a name rooted in tradition and passion, the “Penko” brand combines the concept of an “artisan workshop” together with the embodiment of a “family business”.

Wedding Decoration

Handcrafted Italian Jewelry

Our handcrafted Italian jewelry is made by Paolo Penko in his workshop in Florence, Italy.

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Charms & Meaning

Each handcrafted silver Penkino charm holds a unique meaning that can be used to express your individuality and tell your tale.

Abundance Charm



Prosperity, Wealth, Generosity

Horseshow Charm


Ferro di Cavallo

Strength, Righteousness, Protection

Cherub of Verrocchio Charm

Cherub of Verrocchio

Putto del Verrocchio

Benevolence, Intelligence, Wit

Lady Bug Charm

Lady Bug

La Lucia

Beauty, Love

David Charm



Freedom, Independence, Democracy

Lion Charm


Il Leone

Strength, Courage

Four Leaf Clover Charm

Four Leaf Clover


Reputation, Wealth, Health, Love

Queen Bee Charm

Queen Bee

Ape Regina

Leadership, Precision, Artistic Sensibility

Fiorino Coin Charm

Fiorino Coin

Florentine Coin Reproduction (c. 1200)

“A Fiorino today for a thousand Fiorinos tomorrow”

Star of Knowledge Charm

Star of Knowledge

Stella della Conoscenza

Dreams, Goals, Ambitions

Florence Fleur di Lis Charm

Florence Fleur di Lis

Giglio Fiorentino

Symbol of Florence for over 1000 years

Believe Charm



Courage, Strength, Hope

Loyalty Charm



Unconditional Love, Man’s Best Friend

Heart Charm



Friendship, Eternal Love